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So Which One Should I do… Refacing or Custom Cabinetry?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Customers often ask if they should reface their existing cabinetry or get custom, handcrafted cabinets. I’ll do my best to provide a clearer answer from my perspective… but I would recommend that you check out our Services tab to learn more!

The advantage that we have had for 39 years is that our company can truly, Do It All. This is how our company has stayed diversified and continues to provide a solution to so many customers.

Refacing, not to be misinterpreted for Refinishing, has been an alternative solution that we have provided for customers over the years. Think of it as giving your kitchen a face-lift! As funny as that may sound, its exactly what we are doing. Before I get into our process of refacing, the first question to ask if your debating the two options would be, Are you happy with your current kitchen or bathroom design? If you’re not happy, then I would encourage you to choose custom cabinetry. Secondly, does you existing cabinetry offer enough functionality that you hope for in your kitchen or bathroom? Again, if your wanting your kitchen or bathroom to be more functional, I would encourage custom cabinetry. Thirdly, Are your cabinets in fair to excellent condition- meaning do the cabinet boxes have enough sturdiness from a structural standpoint & a fair amount of longevity in them? These three questions are critical to ask to help assist in searching for the best solution for your remodeling situation.

If you answered Yes for these three questions, then refacing is a fantastic solution for renewing and upgrading your kitchen! Here’s a quick overview of our process. Our refacing process uses the highest quality of materiel; to include custom made doors, drawer fronts and drawer boxes! The best part, we can add additional cabinetry such as functional lazy Susan’s (not the cheap one’s where things get jammed in the corners), pantry’s, roll-out shelving and many other remodeling options are available with refacing. You can also select a wide variety of hardware, sinks, faucets, laminate, quartz, granite and solid surface countertops from our showroom!

One of our showroom displays that shows the difference when you reface!

Refacing Will Truly Transform Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Another major benefit to refacing is that you don’t have to remove your existing cabinetry. No moving parts! Everything including your flooring can stay, we will simply make your kitchen beautiful again! Because this process is simpler, the turnover is much quicker than new cabinetry. Typically, to reface a standard kitchen, it can take us about 1 week. Imagine having a beautiful kitchen within a week!? Here is just one example of a beautiful kitchen that we refaced from a stained kitchen to painted white cabinetry! Simply amazing.

Refacing your kitchen is an alternative solution, but there is nothing comparable to custom, handcrafted cabinetry!

“Here at Woodcraft, we wanted both options so our customers have a wider selection of solutions for their particular remodeling situation”. -Jeff Plautz

Custom cabinetry is simply the best!

What makes our cabinetry the best? Everything. See, there isn’t a simple answer. It’s a combination of everything we strive to do on a daily basis. First, we use the highest quality of materials. Secondly, and most importantly, we construct every part of the cabinet in-house. Many other cabinet shops are simply assembling, not building your cabinets. This can lead to many problems along the process, such as more delays and additional stress on you. So, every aspect of your cabinetry has the highest quality here at Woodcraft, we only use the best of the best. Finally, we genuinely care about our customers. Exceeding customer satisfaction means to us that we are not motivated by a sale, but on making sure that we do everything we can to deliver on our initial promises.

This level of customer service is hard to put a price tag on.

We do everything possible to truly make sure our customers are satisfied and enjoy the process of changing and renewing their kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. We always strive for this to be the best and most positive experience. One of the ways we do this is during the designing stage of your project. We call this process the co-creation phase of our business. We combine our expertise and your needs/wants- to design the kitchen of your dreams. We have more than 100 years of combined experience here at Woodcraft, so we bring a wealth of knowledge to each remodeling project! Every part of this process is completely in your hands, you can add, change, and alter each aspect of your project before production.

Here is just a few examples of how talented our crew truly is and just a snapshot of the endless possibilities available here at Woodcraft!

We want this process to be engaging and exciting with our customers. Not every day do you design your dream kitchen! So, we work very hard to make each and every process seamless- taking away all the stress and anxiety that can naturally come with remodeling 😊

After the installation process is complete, we will make sure you are completely satisfied with your finished project.

“I’ve had customers in the past pay their final bill before a very small touch-up needed to be done. As I always say, you can trust us, I will come back to finish that myself. You never have to worry if something will ever be left incomplete or unfinished. Regardless if it’s a little touch-up or simply following through as a company, this is simply my word in a covenant with each and every customer”. -Jeff Plautz

We follow through… it’s just what we do.

So, let’s create something spectacular together, achieving the finest quality of custom handcrafted cabinetry!

Final Note:

So the answer to this complex question is really found in thinking about your design, quality, personal wants & needs, and longevity of your existing cabinetry. From my perspective, if you want the best craftsmanship and to solve one of these incomplete factors in your kitchen or bathroom (such as better functionality or design); then choosing custom cabinetry is the best solution! But if your looking for a rather quick remodel and your cabinetry is still in fair condition- then refacing is the next best option for you.

These solutions are customized around your current situation.

Our goal at Woodcraft is to help you select that solution, providing the finest custom craftsmanship regardless if your cabinetry is custom or refaced. We take great pride in achieving the highest quality with our extensive experience & collaborative talents to create a beautiful finished project. I hope this helps provide more information in regards to your particular situation, and helps you envision which method of remodeling is best for you!

As always, we look forward to serving you! Feel free to stop into our showroom or call us with any questions you may have.


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