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The Truth About Quartz vs Granite

We hear this all the time lately, "Should I choose quartz or granite"? Or more candidly, "Were going with Quartz because it’s better than Granite"!

But is it…?

More and more people are researching and wondering which is better from a design aspect, sturdiness, longevity, and overall lowest maintenance/easiest to use every day. So here are some common Myths and actual results to reconsider when you are selecting your solid surface countertop.

“Most of the information you will read online is from Quartz Providers… so of course they will encourage quartz over granite” -Jeff Plautz

Just a sample of our displays with Granite countertops! This particular Granite top is very nice with it's natural viens and movement in this stone.

Myth #1:

Quartz countertops are non-porous and more durable than granite.

Fact: Quartz in it's natural state is less porous than granite, however, with a strong 15+ year sealer on granite, both will not absorb those pesky little drops of red wine. A good rule of thumb for any countertop, just whip up your red wine drops when it happens 😊 Furthermore, both countertops perform similar in the durability debate.

“I have seen an entire 8’ Quartz island crack right down the middle from the heat of a panini sandwich maker... this type of stuff does happen periodically with Quartz” -Jeff Plautz

This is to say that each should be used with care, and realize that though they both are very durable- they are not indestructible!

Myth #2:

Granite can develop bacteria because it’s a natural stone.

Fact: Though granite is a natural stone, and I’m sure in the rarest conditions it could lead to bacterial growth... this is extremely unlikely in a typical kitchen.

Your kitchen countertop is where you prepare all of your food, any countertop should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid any bacteria or germs. Just make sure to seek the correct products before using them on your solid surface countertop!

Myth #3:

Quartz is consistent. The granite samples are too small and I don’t want to be surprised by my granite selection when its installed.

Fact: This is actually a great point and concern. Yes, quartz is much more consistent than granite. However, with our local granite provider, we will encourage you to go take a look at the granite selections you may be interested in. At our providers location, you can see an entire slab of granite and even decide which part of the stone they should cut that meets your specific tastes! It’s a great way to be certain that you won’t be surprised with a natural change in the stone.

Something You May Not Know:

One drawback to Quartz to know is that it can discolor over time when its exposed to a significant amount of direct sunlight. If a section of your countertop receives strong UV rays while the other section does not, over time this can lead to color differences. Take this into account if your kitchen has more windows and there’s consistent-direct sunlight.

Final Note:

Here at Woodcraft, we want what you want in your home! We are more than happy to provide more information and help you select exactly what you are looking for in a solid surface countertop… regardless if it’s Granite or Quartz!

In no way are we against Quartz 😊

Simply put, the debate of Quartz vs Granite really comes down to your personal tastes. Each one is beautiful in their own unique way. My professional opinion is that your selection should come down to design. If you are looking for a more modern kitchen or bathroom- preferably white painted cabinetry- choose Quartz. That style is very trendy and will look more modern with a Quartz countertop.

Just a couple examples of our Quartz selections! This Quartz is on an island with multiple painted & stained cabinets built together.

However, if you are going with a more traditional design, enjoy various wood species & stained colors, then I would select a natural stone- Granite. You cannot replace the natural beauty of Granite!

Each are fantastic options, and we offer endless selections here at our showroom.

If you have any additional questions or would like to see our solid surface options, stop into our showroom, we will be more than happy to assist you!


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